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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Payday Loans and More

Payday Loans
By philip
Payday Loans are very advantageous when it comes to getting a loan right away for when you want it. These loans are very easy and hassle free because they can be completed within 24 hours. This is how payday loans work. ...

Negotiating the mortgage maze
Boston Globe - United States
Many homeowners with jumbo loans, or buyers who are going to borrow more than $417000 to buy a house, would be due for a big rate cut under legislation ...
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Barometers of economy, pawn shops' volume up
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
"We probably write 30 or 40 loans a day, where we used to write 12 to 17 a day last year." The clientele, normally those who tend to live paycheck to ...
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San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
But unlike other big financial scandals such as Enron and the savings and loan crisis, the perpetrators are not a cadre of easy-to-finger folks in the ...
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EMIs cost a lot of emotions
Sify - Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India
With loans available for every reason, and every season, the debt trap is all too easy to get into. And it’s not just homes and vehicles anymore that are ...
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David Nicklaus
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - MO, United States
... high-cost loans in the first place." So some people feel victimized because the easy money is gone, while others say it never should have been so easy. ...
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